Welcome to the TACHS Workshop. This Summer 2021, our program will be held In-Person & Virtually.

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For more than eighteen plus years, the Tachs Workshop has been offering review classes to eighth graders preparing for the high school entrance exam.  These classes are designed to strengthen skills, reinforce concepts and improve test performance through instruction, review, and practice in mathematics and language arts.  Our experienced instructors teach all sessions.  The classes are offered this fall in-person at Iona College, New Rochelle, NY. Registration forms are available: http://tachsworkshop.com/tachs

We offer a review of basic skills and concepts in mathematics and language arts, small group instruction by experienced teachers, practice exams and test-taking strategies.

Our Summer 2020 Virtual Program finished very well. See comments from some of our participants below.

Classes and registration form: Iona College, New Rochelle, NY  (Fall Program)

Forms available at: http://tachsworkshop.com/tachs.pdf

Classes and registration form: For The Ursuline School New Rochelle, NY  (Summer program)

Comments from our participants in our summer virtual program:

Charlotte F.

I found this TACHS class extremely helpful. The ratio between review, "Test Yourself Exercises," going over answers, and practice tests was absolutely perfect. I am definitely more confident in my test taking skills and overall general knowledge. I will 100% recommend this class to everyone I know that will be taking the TACHS in the future. Thank you so very much Ms. Po and Ms. Uhrlass.

Bryan A.

The Tachs class was helpful in a variety of ways. it showed me new concepts and many test taking strategies to help improve my test taking abilities. Throughout the course I was introduced to things I didn't learn at school, but over time I got better and better thanks to this course.

Caitlin C.
Yes, I found that doing the exercises that were assigned to us were extremely helpful. I also really like how we went over every test in detail, so I knew what I got wrong, and why. This TACHS class really helped me with the areas where I was struggling

Catherine T.

I found this TACHS class helpful because some of the stuff we went over, I learned a while ago so it was good to refresh my memory. I also learned some faster ways to solve difficult problems. I feel like it is better to interact with teachers to learn, rather than learning and studying by myself. Although this course was online, I feel as though it was very helpful, and I think this is what I needed.
Christian V.

I found the TACHS class was extremely helpful to me. It helped me gain an understanding of concepts that I didn't understand in school. I have noticed that with every practice test I have taken my timing on the test has raised and I have become a quick thinker and a better test taker. Thank you for all the help and preparation

Declan O.

Yes, because the tachs class refreshed my memory on a lot of subjects and I understand some things better than I did before. The teachers were very helpful and the setup with the book, website, and sheets in the folder were a great idea and was very helpful. I will look over the work I've done and do some more work. Thank you for this Tachs class.

Jessica C.

I found this TACHS class helpful. The tests that we completed everyday gave me an idea of what the TACHS exam will look like. The notes we received for Language Arts helped me build up my skills and made the tests much easier. I really enjoyed the TACHS class and I think it made me feel much more prepared for the real exam in November.

Lisbeth M.

Yes, I did find this class helpful because it helped me understand why I got things wrong. When I got things wrong you guys made sure I understood it. I found this tachs program very helpful.