Testimonials --  Opinions from Students & Parents
Comments from Students in our Virtual Summer Program July 2020

Anastasia S.
I found this tachs class helpful; it prepared us for the test in many ways. For example, we took many practice tests that were timed to prepare us to get our work done faster since we have limited time on the real test.

Charlotte F.
I found this TACHS class extremely helpful. The ratio between review, "Test Yourself Exercises," going over answers, and practice tests was absolutely perfect. I am definitely more confident in my test taking skills and overall general knowledge. I will 100% recommend this class to everyone I know that will be taking the TACHS in the future. Thank you so very much Ms. Po and Ms. Uhrlass.

Athena M.
I found the Tachs class helpful. Our teachers are very kind and they did a great job trying to answer our many questions. Thank you.

Benjamin J.
I found TACHS class helpful because Mrs. Po helped me with finding simple ways of multiplying and dividing decimals. Mrs. Po also taught me how to find the area and the perimeter of crazy figures.

Bryan A.
The Tachs class was helpful in a variety of ways. It showed me new concepts and many test taking strategies to help improve my test taking abilities. Throughout the course I was introduced to things I didn't learn at school, but over time I got better and better thanks to this course.

Caitlin C.
I found that doing the exercises that were assigned to us was extremely helpful. I also really like how we went over every test in detail, so I knew what I got wrong and why. This TACHS class really helped me with the areas where I was struggling.

Catherine T.
I found this TACHS class helpful because some of the material we went over I learned a while ago so it was good to refresh my memory. I also learned some faster ways to solve difficult problems. It was  better to interact with teachers to learn, rather than learning and studying by myself. Although this course was online, I feel as though it was very helpful, and I think this is what I needed.

Christian V.
I found the TACHS class was extremely helpful to me. It helped me gain an understanding of concepts that I didn't understand in school. I have noticed that with every practice test I have taken my timing on the test has improved. I have become a quick thinker and a better test taker. Thank you for all the help and preparation.

Declan O.
The Tachs class refreshed my memory on a lot of subjects. I understand some things better than I did before. The teachers were very helpful. The setup with the book, website, and sheets in the folder was a great idea and very helpful. I will look over the work I've done and do some more work. Thank you for this Tachs class.

Devin G.
The Tachs class helped me to better understand the material. Thank you.

Francesco S.
I found the Tachs class useful because I am not the best at math, and after these three weeks I became stronger. I learned new things. Thank you.

Hudson R.
I found the TACHS class very helpful. It helped me improve with many topics and subjects that will be on the TACHS exam. There were many topics that I learned in 7th grade that I forgot how to do. The TACHS class brought those topics back to mind. I feel that I greatly excelled from this program because of the assignments given and the wonderful teachers that taught them. I really liked the Test Yourself Exercises because it helped me on what I needed help with the most. Overall, I think the TACHS program really boosted my knowledge going into the TACHS exam.

Jessica C.
I found this TACHS class helpful. The tests we completed each day and the notes we received helped me to sharpen my skills. I really enjoyed the TACHS class. I feel much more prepared for the exam in November.

Katherine S.
I found this TACHS class helpful because I received feedback on topics I needed help with. I was given opportunities to practice these topics. I found it helpful  to take practice tests that were timed. I appreciate all of the hard work the teachers put into this class.

Kyle T.
The TACHS class was very helpful. I discovered my weaknesses and my strengths. I know what I have work on. I learned test taking strategies and ways to save time.  I enjoyed the TACHS prep a lot.

Lisbeth M.
I found this class helped me understand why I got things wrong. You guys made sure I understood my mistakes. I found this Tachs program very helpful.

Lucas M.
I found the Tachs class helpful in many ways. It helped me in math and reading. It helped me remember different things in math that I had forgotten. The Tachs class was great and I hope I do it again in September. Thank you.

Natalie B.
Unlike the other prep classes this one stood out because we had practice tests every day. We learned test taking strategies and time saving techniques. I found it very helpful because they reminded me of things that I hadn't seen in long time. This class gave me a better idea of what the Tachs test will look like.

Olivia S.
I did find the TACHS class helpful for a couple of reasons. For example, when I started I wasn't very good at fractions and percentages. As I continued doing this class I got better at them. Another example is when I started the class I had no idea how to take the test. After completing the class, I have learned helpful shortcuts to save time when taking the exam.

Ryan M.
I found the TACHS class worthwhile because I learned strategies that helped to improve my timing on the test. The class also helped me understand and review important topics.  Mrs. Po and Mrs. Uhrlass have been very helpful and patient.

Comments from Students in our Ursuline Summer Program July 2019

This course really helped me and I improved so much during the 3 weeks. I will totally recommend this course to people in need of help. I am really glad I did this during the summer so I wouldn't have to stress over preparation in November. I hope my peers improved as much as I did during the course.
This course was really helpful. When I started this course, I felt nervous and not ready for the TACHS test. My timing wasn't great, and I didn't score well with the questions that were on the test. After taking this course, I feel much more prepared and ready to take the TACHS test. My timing has improved significantly and I am less anxious for the test. I improved my test scoring from the beginning and had great results. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has to take the TACHS test.
I learned many things from this TACHS program. I thought it really helped me prepare for the test. We learned many shortcuts that helped finish the test faster. I would say the grammar lessons helped me the most. I learned shortcuts in math problems that saved me time and allowed me to score higher on the math sections of the test. I would strongly recommend this TACHS program to anyone who is looking to do their best on the TACHS test.
I think that this course helped me to get my brain working every morning. I believe that it was an amazing jump start to TACHS practice. If it wasn't for this course I probably wouldn't have started preparing for the TACHS test early enough. This course really helped me to start practicing and readying myself for the test. Thank you to all the teachers who taught this course because you really improved and strengthened my knowledge and skills.
Overall, this course was great. The teachers were so helpful and every morning we came in, they greated us with a smile. During the classes, they taught us many things including how to solve problems quickly. These tips saved me time, ie.1 minute 15 seconds to 15-20 seconds and selecting the correct answers. These tips were very useful. I learned things that they didn't each in school. The diagnostic tests we took were great because you can find find your strengths and weaknesses through the test. If any of us were to get a low score, the teahers would motivate us to do better and turn grief into a positive light. My fellow classmates were also great to learn with and share an experiance of who my future classmates in high school might be. I would recommend this course to other seventh or eighth graders who are looking for TACHS prep.

The following is a comment from a parent dated January 2019

Hi Joan,

I hope this message finds you well and that you had a nice Christmas and New Year. We received Lucasí TACHS exam scores yesterday and are so proud of him. His local ability score was a 93 and his national ability score was a 95. Just wanted to thank you for your tutoring efforts and thought you might like to know.

Kind Regards,

The following is a comment from a parent dated September, 2018:
Hi Joan,

" I am writing to say how happy we are that our daughter took the Tachs Prep course last year  at the Tachs Workshop. She was able to get great scores and in turn not only did she get into her 3 choices for High School but with scholarships as well.
We decided to go with St. Jean Baptiste High School. It was the best fit for us and also she received a five thousand scholarship which adds up to more than half of the tuition.
We are extremely thankful and happy for the results of the Tachs Prep courses, they are priced very comfortably and with multiple locations. We are looking forward to have our other daughter take the prep classes this year in hopes to get the same results." Brenda A.

Hi Joan,

My daughter Olivia attended The TACHS Workshop last year, September 2017.
She scored in the 99th percentile on the TACHS.
Thanks to your program, she was accepted into all of the schools she applied to.
I will surely recommend the program to other families.
Thank you very very much!

Victoria O. (April 10, 2018)

Hi Joan,

My daughter, Sarah, said your program is amazing. She said that you taught her strategies that saved her minutes answering a single question ! She loves the short cuts you are teaching her in math
and finds the test taking strategies to be very helpful.
Thank you,

Sandra O. (Sept. 15, 2017)

Good morning Joan,

I hope that you and your family are well.
Last year my son, Marc R, did the workshop with you and did great on the TACHS. Thank you for helping and making it easier; he was accepted into all three of schools he applied to. With that being said, I have a friend that is asking me for information about your program. Would you be able to email me the information so that I can pass it to her and anyone else that might be interested.

Thank you,

Dilcia R. (April 6, 2017)

Hi Joan,

Ann scored in the 98th percentile on the TACHS. Thank you for all your help.

Joseph P.

Dear Mrs. Uhrlass,

I'd like to let you know that I was accepted into all of the high schools I applied to. Additionally,
I was awarded a partial scholarship to The Ursuline based on my performance on the TACHS and the scholarship exam. I feel that you prepared me very well for both of these exams and I would like to thank you. Taking your class was a big help in preparing me for these tests. You might be seeing my sister in your class in a few years.

Thank you for everything,

Sofia V.  (January 2017)

Good morning, Joan, I would like to thank you for offering such a comprehensive prep course.
Your constant communication and follow up has been second to none.
Your efforts have put my daughter at ease.
Thank you,

Hello Joan,

I would like to let you know that we are very pleased with how our daughter, Gabriella, scored on the TACHS exam this past November (2017). We recently received her score which was a 96.  Taking your TACHS workshop was instrumental in her preparation. When it is time for our younger daughter, Michaela, to prepare we look forward to enrolling her as we did with Gabriella.   Gabriella has received acceptance into all three of her choices which are Maria Regina High School, The Ursuline School and The Montfort Academy.  She has been asked to take a scholarship exam for Ursuline.

Thank you again.


Dear Joan,

Two years ago my daughter took your course, and I was very pleased with it. The one on one feedback that you provided was especially helpful. I am interested in enrolling my son, Joseph Z., for the weekend class at the SUNY Maritime location.  Please let me know if I should do so right away or please advise when the due date is for enrollment.

Celeste B.

Good Morning,

My name is Krista A. and my daughter, Julia, participated in your fall review session two years ago. She did very well on the TACHS test.  I will now be registering my son for the fall review session.  We live in Eastchester and my son, Steven, is hoping to attend Fordham Prep.  He is currently at Eastchester Middle School.  

Thank you,

As a follow-up to our conversation in November, 2017 after the TACHS examination,
I told you that I would write to let you know how my son John made out. Well, it is with great pride and
thanks to you that I can say John was accepted to all three schools of his choice.

Of course , we are all happy and proud of the effort John put in to make this happen,
I wanted you to know  that his first comment to me was, "Mom you have to call Mrs. Uhrlass
to let her know." I told him that I was going to write... He followed up
with "her classes really helped me." Not only are we overjoyed with the outcome, it is a
tremendous confidence booster for John.

My deepest thanks to you for your very effective assistance and caring. IT WORKED!!

My best wishes... and once again my deepest thanks, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Lorraine C.

Just to inform you that Peter was accepted to Fordham Prep. The TACHS class was well worth it.

Sincerely , J. M.

Hi joan!

I wanted to let you know that Nicholas graduated last night from Res. He will be attending Iona Prep in the fall. Thank you for helping improve his skills and to do well on the tachs test! My midlde son will be entering 6th grade. I'll be calling you in a couple of years! ;-)

L. R.

Student feedback to our course:

I liked The Ursuline TACHS class.  I felt it was very helpful. I believe that the TACHS class taught me skills, tricks, and topics I did not know. The ELA section improved my English skills as well. The teachers taught me how to be more alert when reading and looking for mistakes. I know that this program helped me very much overall. Cassidy T.

I found The Ursuline TACHS class to be very helpful. It has definitely helped to increase my math and ELA scores. The help that I received in this test has greatly improved my skills. I aslo found the class to be fun. Thank you for helping me prepare for the TACHS. Amanda P.

The summer TACHS class at The Ursuline School was very beneficial to me. I learned efficient ways to approach questions that were on the test.  I can already tell that my English has improved. The teachers really explained all the topics in detail. I know that when I take the TACHS in November, I'll get into all the Catholic High Schools I have dreamed of attending, thanks to the TACHS class.
      Taussia B.

I heard about this course from kids from my school who were very happy
      with their results on the TACHS. My experience of the TACHS Workshop was that I liked learning new
      ways and seeing practice tests. I loved doing the exercises because it helped my
      knowledge. I liked the course because it taught me new ways to solve problems
      which I had never known before. Mary M.

I heard about this course through my school. The workshop helped me improve my skills and gave me a different learning environment. The straight-forwardness of the class helped me a lot. I really enjoyed this course and would tell others about it. Alison R.

Some of my friends were taking the course. I thought this course was very helpful. It increased my knowledge increased in all areas. I would highly recommend this course. It helped me a lot. I understand things now that I didn't when I started. The teachers helped me learn and practice the material. They taught me tricks to save time on the test. All in all it was a great course. Alena M.

I feel I increased my knowledge in many areas, and I had a lot of fun. I like this course, it gave me the opportunity to increase my knowledge. Victoria W.

I heard of the is course through my school. The experience was very helpful and informative. I learned new and faster ways to get the work done. Jessica B.

I heard about this class from other friends at school. I thought it was very good review and I felt that it helped me improve in all areas. If I could I would come back again before the TACHS test to review and practice more. All in all, I felt that this class really helped me to improve. Paul F.