Our Services

We specialize in reviewing course material covered in seventh and eighth grade. We review skills and help students to apply those skills to math and language arts material that is tested on the Tach's Exam.
Our review serves to reinforce knowledge already learned in order to prepare students for future success.


Summer          Sessions     Locations     Time/ Date 9 AM-Noon  in-person & virtual
                           Virtual Class at 4:30-7:30 pm                                                       

Summer          The Ursuline School, 1354 North Ave. New Rochelle, NY 10804      
                          In-Person & Virtual Classes  July 11th - July 29th Monday-Friday

Fall Sessions  Iona College, New Rochelle, NY                             

Fall Sessions            (Saturday's)  9AM - Noon   In Person and On-Line Virtual Classes

New Rochelle, NY     IONA College               September 23 - October 29

Bronx, NY                   MERCY College           September 23 - October 29 (to be announced)

New York, NY             MERCY College           September 23 - October 29 (to be announced)

TACHS Preparation: During the week beginning early September

Small group instruction available upon request. Call 914-363-4285 or email: tachsworkshop@gmail.com

Call for information: 914-363-4285 (leave a message)


Summer Sessions           Now In-Person & Virtual Classes July 11th - July 29th 2022

Fall Sessions                   Tentatively In Person  and Virtual Classes  Iona College, New Rochelle, NY
                                              Sept. 23 - Oct. 29, 2022