Our Mission

For over eighteen years, The TACHS Workshop has been offering review classes to eighth graders preparing to take the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools. At the Tachs Workshop, we believe that critical to our students' achievement of their goals is a comprehensive assessment of their academic strengths and weaknesses.  We recognize the value of a thorough understanding of our students' performance across domains before developing their course of study.  Our program begins with an evaluation of each student's skills across specific topics in mathematics, language arts, reading comprehension and abstract reasoning.  Once a student's strengths and weaknesses have been identified, we develop a targeted intervention plan to facilitate the student's ability to strengthen areas of weakness.  This is done primarily through individualized skill-based assignments designed specifically to improve ability, confidence, and ultimately performance.

Why choose our program?

Diagnostic Testing
Balancing instruction, review and test taking strategies
Assignments tailored to the needs of each student